Myxomycetes of Bogdinsko-Baskunchakskyi nature reserve

Publication Type:Miscellaneous
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:I. V. Zemlyanskaya

57 species of myxomycetes representing 19 genera of 9 families were found in Bogdinsko-BasIcunchakskiy nature reserve (Astrakhan' oblast, Russia). Most of these species were collected in the field on woody debris and leaf litter in intrazonal arboreal biotopes in gully and riparian forests where habitats are rather similar to those in temperate deciduous forests. Common species found in the arboreal intrazonal habitats were: Arcyria cinerea, A. denudata, A. incarnata, A. obvelata, A. poiniformis, Ceratiomyxafruticulosa, Comatricha nigra, C pulchella, Crateritan leucocephallum, Cribraria vialacea, Didymizan squamulosum, Hemitrichia karstenii, Fuligo septica, Trichia contorta, T varia, Metatrichia vesparium, Lycogalaflavofusctan, Perichaena vermicularis, Physarum decipiens, Ph. nutans, Stemonitisfusca, and S. hyperopta. In treeless zonal steppe biotopes on litter of dwarf-shrubs and dung of herbivorous animals in moist chamber cultures Didyndum difforme, Echinostelium colliculostan, Licea denudescens, L. kleistobolus, Physartan decipiens, Ph. pussilum, and Fuligo cinerea were found

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